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Our Process

Six Steps For Developing Your Financial Plan:

1. Together we establish the 'Scope' of the financial plan you wish to have done; what it will address and the responsibilities of each party (you and your financial planner), what are your goals and your values.

2. Gather 'Data' regarding your present situation, your financial and personal objectives and goals, is the next step, setting benchmarks to follow.

3. We 'Analyze' and evaluate your present course and determine your areas of strength and weakness, determining areas requiring attention or change.

4. We prepare your plan and its 'Recommendations' that can help take you to where you wish to go, as well as alternative strategies for your consideration.

5. We guide and assist you through the process of 'Implementing' your plan, helping you review alternative strategies and working with your existing trusted advisors.

6. Finally, we work with you to 'Monitor' your progress and make the necessary adjustments that life requires along the way to keep you on a track towards your goals.