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John M. Selzer, Jr., CFP®

John M. Selzer, Jr., CFP®


Compassion, competitiveness and candor are not commodities; they are personal standards that I strive to bring to all aspects of my life. My personal drive is to succeed in life and business while seeking to benefit those around me: my family, colleagues, staff, and clients.

I believe I aspire towards a noble cause and purpose and derive great satisfaction through overcoming professional challenges and the completion of a job well done. While the cultural climate these days may make it seem that virtues are out of style, I assure you, qualities such as respect, integrity and trust remain paramount in my interactions with others.

My mission is to ensure that each client, without exception, is dealt with honestly and forthrightly. Since 1986, I’ve personally met with thousands of clients of various socioeconomic levels and during many diverse market and economic conditions in my work as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional. While I’ve witnessed both great gains and losses throughout my tenure in financial services, I remain optimistic that a good plan put into action can be the remedy for retirement concerns.

Before founding Capital Point Financial Group, I served as a financial advisor and executive with a leading Fortune 50 firm. As principal, I have over 28 years of financial services experience, hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional.

As a resident of Northbrook, Illinois and Fort Collins, Colorado, I am active with The Gift of Adoption Fund, the Knights of Columbus, Life Source Blood Bank and the Rotary Club of Glenview - Sunrise.  I enjoy spending time with my family, reading, motorcycling and running.

We understand that your dedication to your family and community is as important as our commitment to you. That’s why we have offered a dedicated Capital Point Financial Group Team of professionals who take the time to understand your distinctive needs so you can concentrate your time and energy into what’s most important when it’s most important.

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